What is PHP?

What is PHP? In this article, we try to explain why programming is an attractive and money-making job in the world.

What is PHP?

Why should we use PHP?

What is PHP? In this article, we try to explain why programming is an attractive and money-making job in the world. And why the php language is good as your starting point in programming. We also describe its advantages over other programming languages, especially server-side languages.

If you are looking for a lucrative job, you have surely searched for such a thing in the web world, then you must have found the first rank of programming job in the list of the most lucrative jobs in the world. But in Iran, due to the lack of valid research in this field can not be cited. However, professional programmers in Iran can undoubtedly earn a great income.

Therefore, this field has become doubly attractive for young people, especially those who have good computer skills and are interested in this field of work, trying to enter the programming community. If you are also interested in working in the field of programming. There are many ways for you to learn this profession.

If it is impossible for you to deal with complex issues, it is better to move on to another skill. Because in programming, you will face a new challenge and question every day that you have to answer with patience and sometimes with trial and error.

What is the php programming language?

Php stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. It means hypertext preprocessor. Rasmuss Lordorf created this language in 1994 and since it is an open source language, it was developed by others. It was first published in 1995 under the name Personal Home Page.

PHP is an object-oriented language developed for web design that is very similar to c. Of course, in newer versions of this language, it has also found similarities with the Java language. Php is a server-side language. This means that php pages are first processed by the server (Apache or IIS) and then the output is sent as HTML and JavaScript code to the browser with which the user is connected to the Internet.

More than 240 million websites are designed in PHP. Used in more than 2 million web servers. php is the driver of 83% of all websites in the world. This language is one of the top 10 programming languages ​​in the eyes of programmers. World-famous sites coded in PHP include Wikipedia and Facebook.

Php commands are written directly in php markup language code. The language changed a lot in version 3.4 onwards. One of the changes that helped programmers a lot was the addition of a command line interface, which can be used to create software with a graphical user interface or non-graphical software. The web to be used.

What is php and what are the advantages of php language over other server-side languages?

Php is compatible with different platforms.

This is a Cross Platform language. This means that it can be run on different platforms from Windows, GNU, Macintosh and Linux, and you can migrate from one platform to another without making much change in configuration.

Compatibility with most web servers

The php language is compatible with most of the world's leading web servers. These web servers include Apache, Microsoft ISA, and so on. It also supports a variety of databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQ, MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite and..

Access to many php tutorials and documentation

There are many tutorials and documentation of this language on the Internet and this is due to the many uses of this language.